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197th Anniversary Dinner
28th January, 2022

David Henderson
Chairman - David Henderson

"Then gently scan your brother man,
Still gentler sister woman;
Tho' they may gang a kennin wrang
To step aside is human:"


Introduction of Chairman
Jim Clark
Reply and Welcome
The Chairman
'Address To A Haggis'
James Young
'Selkirk Grace'
Robert Barr

Song: 'A Man's A Man For A' That'
The Company
Secretary's Report
Alister Sim
23rd Psalm
Alex Findlay / Willie Wallace
TOAST: Deceased Members
James McCosh
Song: 'Land O' The Leal'
The Company
TOAST: The Song Writers
David Henderson
Song: 'Scots Wha Hae'
The Company
Reading: 'Address to the Unco' Guid'
Jamie Houston
TOAST: Guests and New Members
Armour Hamilton
Reply on Behalf of New Members
Jordan McGinlay
Piper's Pook
Callum Paterson
TOAST: Town and Community of Dalry
Lindsay Paterson
Song: 'Flow Gently Sweet Afton'
Robert Strahorn Jnr.
Reading: 'John Barleycorn'
Jim Clark
Song: 'The Soldier's Return'
James Dippie / Stuart Clements
Song: 'Silver Tassie'
James Dippie / Stuart Clements
Reading: 'Man Was Made To Mourn'
Alister Sim
Musical Medley
Club Band
TOAST: Memory of Burns
The Chairman
Song: 'Rantin' Rovin' Robin'
The Company
TOAST: Memory of Jean Armour
The Croupier
Song: 'Of a' the Airts'
The Company
Reply on behalf of Guests
Gus McLafferty
Song: 'The Star O' Rabbie Burns'
The Company
TOAST: The Chairman
The Croupier
TOAST: The Croupier
The Chairman
Song: 'Auld Lang Syne'
The Company


Accompanist: Roy Davidson

Piper: Callum Paterson

Members Present

491 Peter Watson* (1977)
502 Alex Findlay* (1980)
504 Jim McLellan* (1981)
513 Jim Hodge* (1982)
518 Robert Barr*# (1984)
519 William Wallace* (1984)
524 Andrew Boyd* (1985)
529 John Hodgart*# (1987)
536 John McDonald (1990)
539 James McCosh* (1992)
542 David Park* (1993)
543 Armour Hamilton* (1994)
549 James Clark* (1996)
550 David Henderson (1996)
551 Stuart Henderson (1996)
556 Jack Cruickshanks+ (1998)
562 Robert Strahorn (1999)
564 Frazer McLellan (1999)

+ Croupier
# Honorary Member
* Past Chairman
565 Alister Sim (1999)
567 Phillip Gray (2000)
574 John McCormack (2002)
575 Alasdair Finlayson (2003)
576 Steven Richmond (2003)
580 Ronald Anderson (2004)
585 Daniel McInnes (2005)
590 James Young (2006)
593 Roy Davidson (2007)
596 Robert Strahorn Jnr. (2008)
601 Jamie Houston (2008)
603 Lee Hirst-Amos (2009)
609 John D. MacDonald (2010)
612 Alasdair Davidson (2010)
613 Callum Paterson (2010)
614 Alan Harkins (2011)
615 Lindsay Paterson (2011)
620 James Dippie (2012)
622 Murray Hall (2013)
623 Hugh Walker (2013)
624 Peter C Watson (2013)
628 Jack Busby (2014)
631 Gordon Walker (2014)
641 David Smith (2016)
642 Allan McGinlay (2016)
643 Paul McAllister (2017)
644 Stuart Park (2017)
646 Jean Lesperance (2017)
647 Paul Crawford (2017)
652 Frazer Hay (2018)
656 Mark Anderson (2022)
659 Craig Paterson (2022)
660 Roy Moore (2022)
661 Stuart Clements (2022)
662 Stephen McColgan (2022)
663 Jordan McGinlay (2022)
54 Members

Gus McLafferty
David Wallace
Tom Wallace
Bob Wilson
Martin Wilson
Rev. David Albion
Lawrence Rocchiiccioli
Colin Pughe
Gordon Slater
George Dickie
Declan Kerr
Andy Lynch
Robert Winning
13 Guests

Screenshots, Photographs and Videos

Screenshots taken by James Dippie

Attending New Members

Introduction of Chairman

Chairman's Opening Remarks

Address to the Haggis

Selkirk Grace

A Man's A Man For A' That

Secretary's Report

23rd Psalm

Land O' The Leal

The Song Writers

Scots Wha Hae

Address to the Unco' Guid

Reply on behalf of the New Members

Piper's Pook

Town and Community of Dalry

Flow Gently Sweet Afton

John Barleycorn

The Soldier's Return

Silver Tassie

Man was made to Mourn

Club Band - Lea Rigs

Club Band - Burns Marches

Introduction and Immortal Memory

Rantin Rovin Robin

Introduction and Memory of Jean Armour

Of a' the Airts

Reply of behalf of the Guests

The Star O' Rabbie Burns>

The Chairman

The Croupier

Auld Lang Syne

A Sim 	party
C Pughe (Guest), J Macdonald with A Sim

Peril of singing high notes at the end of a Burns Supper

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