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Dalry Early Years Centre purchases
January 2022

New Chairman 2022/23 - Jack Cruickshanks
introduced by IPP David Henderson

New Chairman 2022/23

May 2022 Bothy Night
in the Masonic Hall

Compere John Hodgart

Band on stage

The Band

The Band (with Raffle prizes in foreground)

Stuart playing Violin

Stuart Clements on violin

James playing guitar

James Dippie both sang and accompanied others

Frazer playing accordion

Frazer McLellan playing accordion

Willie Wallace

Willie Wallace singing

Alister Sim recitation

Alister Sim recitation

JHodgart Violin

John Hodgart playing violin

Jimmy Law

Jimmy Law (guest)

Donald Reid

Donald Reid (guest)

Gordon Wilson

Gordon Wilson (guest)

(Photos by James Young, Alister Sim and Armour Hamilton)

Jolly Beggars Cantata,
Laigh Kirk, Kilmarnock.
(Images by Pauline Sim)

Further images of the Jolly Beggars Cantata.
(Images by Janet Boyd)