In 1888 John Paton, Mine Host of the Turf Inn till 1887 made a gift to the club
of several articles which had long been used by the club.

These were the "Tappit Hen", two toddy ladles, three very old bottles and a haggis pin.
These had been used since 1826 and are still part of the Club's property. In previous years
the 'receipt' for the Annual Subscription was a drink from "The Tappit Hen".
This is why the glass of whisky, dispensed after dues are paid at the supper, is called "The Tappit Hen".

For a long number of years a punchbowl of hot toddy was made and dispensed at the club.
This was part of the ritual and its contents included: whisky, water, lemon, honey and spice.

At the supper of 1897 there was present a descendant relative of Jean Armour. He was Thomas Armour Arnot,
great grand nephew of Jean Armour. He was the guest of John Gordon, Chairman, and after the toast to
"The Memory of Jean Armour", he gave some reminiscences of his great grand aunt "Bonnie Jean".