4th Anniversary


Members Present

Andrew Crawford, President,

James Steel, Croupier.

John Smart, Chaplin

James Kenyon

William Hamilton

John Hamilton

James McNair

John Montgomerie

Malcolm McDougal

John Barbour

William Shedden

James McDonald, a native of Rothesay. He was some years a Weaver in Dalry. In 1860, a traveller.

Thomas Gibson

James Munn, a native of Dalry, a Weaver, but for many years a Tenter in the Garnock flax spinning factory, Kilbirnie, at present, 1860, residing at Johnstone. He is active and well read.

Robert McArthur, a native of Balfintry, Stirlingshire. He came to Dalry a Weaver, very clever and most excellent reader of the writings of the poets.

15 Members