Federation Number 35

Dalry Burns Club has the longest, continuous record of anniversary dinners in the world,
a fact which has been ratified by the Robert Burns World Federation.
While other distinguished clubs were established at an earlier date,
none can match Dalry's unbroken record of celebration of the life and works of Robert Burns.

This website contains the complete archive of the Club, as well as related material which may be of interest.
Over the years, innovation and evolution have seen changes in the structure of the Club's
main annual event, the Anniversary Dinner (Burns Supper).
However, several traditions have become established which help to mark Dalry Burns Club
as unique amongst the worldwide family of Burns clubs. For example, the two main toasts
given at the Dinner are "The Memory of Burns" and "The Memory of Jean Armour",
with both being accorded equal weight; in addition, all readings, songs and
musical items in the programme are given by members of the Club.

The site also contains archival material - mainly photographs - of Old Dalry and Dalry School; new contributions are always welcome.
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