28th Anniversary


Members Present

William Paton, Swinlees, Dalry, President

Hugh Morris, Croupier

John Kerr, Secretary

John Montgomerie

Hugh Allan

John Orr
A native of Kilbirnie, and a man of considerable talent and intelligence. He is an excellent specimen or representative of the well-informed Weaver of forty years ago. He has written a few pieces of poetry and was intimately acquainted with Tannahill, the poet, and R.A. Smith, the musical composer. He is at present an overseer to James Mackie, Contractor, Kilbirnie.

Thomas Cochrane

James White

James Service

David Brown
A native of Kilmarnock. He is at present, 1860, a printer and book-seller in Dalry.
Archibald Currie
A native of Dalry and is very talented.

William Brown

David Irvine
A native of Dalry. He follows the trade of Draper, and is affable and kind-hearted.

Andrew Colligan

Andrew McNair A native of Dalry. He is at present, 1860, a Teacher in Glasgow, and is a courteous and agreeable gentleman.

Dr A Blair

William Kerr

David Longwill

Daniel Cameron

Dr W B Hamilton

John Patrick

Thomas Waddell

Robert Wotherspoon

John Longwill

Robert Montgomerie


25 Members