38th Anniversary


J Stirrat

Members Present

James Stirrat, Banker, Dalry, President,

who gave the Queen

Song. "God Save the Queen"

Prince of Wales and the Royal Family

Army, Navy and Volunteers

Song. "Rule Britannia" by Mr Cameron

Both Houses of Parliament

The Memory of Burns

Song. "Scots wha ha'e" by Mr Cameron

Song. "Corm Rigs" by Mr James Longwill

Hugh Conn, Kilwinning

gave the Family of the Poet Burns

Song. "The Farmer's Ingle" by David Longwill

Song. "Green grow the rashes" by Allan Loudon

Dr Blair, gave the memory of deceased members

Croupier, in absence of Wm. Logan, Kilbirnie

The President gave the health of Hugh Morris, first president of the Club

Song. "Kissed yestreen" by Hugh Morris

Dr Blair, acting Croupier, gave the health of Hugh Allan

Song. "Brethren a'" by Hugh Allan

Song. "Curlers' Song", original by Hugh Conn

William Fergusson, Teacher, gave the English Poets of the Old School, with the memory of Milton

Song. "Tom Bowling" by Mr Cameron

Comic Song. "Larry O'Gaff" by Hugh Allan

David Brown gave the memory of Shakespeare

Hunting Song - original by Dr Blair

Comic Song. "Dermott McFigg" by Hugh Morris

Dr Hamilton gave the modern English poets with the health of Alfred Tennyson

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes" by Mr Cameron

Comic Song. "Thunder Blunder" by James White

Alexander Comrie gave the Historians, with the health of Sir A. Alison

Song. "O for the bloom of my own native heather" by James Longwill

Song. "This is no my ain lassie" by Allan Loudon

William McNair gave the living novelists, with the health of Mr Thackeray

Song."I'll tell thee the hour that I lo'e the best" by Dr Blair

Song. "Jessie the flower of Dunblane" by Mr Cameron

The President proposed the health of young members

Song. "O, are ye sleeping, Maggie?" by Mr Logan, Dalry

Song. "Allister McAllister" by James McNair

William Logan, Parochial Schoolmaster, Dalry, a young member, gave the memory of deceased Scottish novelists, with that of Sir Walter Scott

Song. "McGregor's Gathering" by Mr Cameron

Song. "I canna lea'e by Hieland hills" by Jas. Longwill

Captain Paton gave the Irish Poets, with the memory of Thomas Moore

Song. "The last Rose of Summer" by Mr Logan

Comic Song by James Longwill

Hugh Morris

Hugh Allan

Daniel Cameron

James McNair

Allan Loudon

Robert Montgomerie

James Longwill

James White, Kilwinning

Dr. Sloan, Dalry, a young member

David Longwill, Hawhill, Dalry

The President proposed the health of the Croupier

The Croupier proposed the health of the President

The President proposed the health of the Hostess, Mrs Montgomerie

The Club imposed on the President, a Bachelor, to propose the Lasses, which was responded to by Mr Wm McNair, Parochial Schoolmaster of Fenwick, also a Bachelor

Song. "Green grow the rashes"

The club broke up after singing "Auld Lang Syne"

20 Members