48th Anniversary


J M McCosh

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen; Prince of Wales and other Members of the Royal Family; Army and Navy

The Chairman

Song. "Rule Britannia"

Mr Cameron

II. The Volunteers

Mr Roger


Capt McCosh

Song. "The wee, wee German Lairdie"

Mr Logan

III. Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

Song. "A man's a man for a' that"

Mr Roger

Song. "Widow Malone"

Mr John Kerr

IV. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "Corn Rigs"

Mr Cameron

Song. "The Lass o' Richmond Hill"

Mr Logan

V. The Song-Writers of Scotland, with Tannahill

The Croupier

Comic Song. "Cocksparrows' Courtship"

Mr Kerr

VI. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Roger

Song. "Tally-ho the Hounds, Sir"

Mr Morris

VI(sic). Living Novelists

Mr Frew

Comic Song.

Mr Jno. Kerr

VII. Modern English Poets, with Tennyson

Capt Paton

VIII. The Biographers of Burns, with Mr McKie of Kilmarnock

Dr Sloan

Song. "Green grow the rashes o'"

Mr A Loudon

IX. Irish Poets, with Moore

Mr Logan

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

Mr Cameron

X. Deceased Members

Mr Longwill

Song. "The Minstrel Boy"

Mr Logan

XI. Deceased Novelists, with Scott

Dr Blair

Comic Song. "Bonnie Scotland, I adore thee"

Mr Jno. Kerr

XII. The First President, Mr Hugh Morris

Mr Stirrat, Grain Merchant

Song. "The Lass o' Gowrie"

Mr Loudon

XIII. The Land o' Cakes

Mr Brown

Song. "Scots wha hae"

Mr Cameron

XIV. The Press

Mr Comrie


Mr McKim

Song. "A wee drappie o't"

Mr Jno. Kerr

XV. American Poets, with Longfellow

Mr Jno. Kerr

XVI. Living Song-Writers, with Jas. Ballantine

Mr Comrie

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes"

Mr Cameron

XVII. Young Members

The Chairman

Song. "Gloomy Winter's noo awa'"

Mr Cameron

The usual complimentary Toasts, "The President" and "Croupier" being given, "Auld Lang Syne" put an end to the proceedings.



Members Present

James M McCosh, Chairman, son of Jas. McCosh Esq. of Parkhill

John Young, Jeweller, Croupier

Hugh Morris, First President of Dalry Burns Club

David Brown, Printer

J S Frew

Dr Blair

David Longwill, Farmer, Hawhill

Dr Sloan

Capt Paton, Hillend

John Kerr, Glasgow

Alexander Comrie

James Stirrat, Writer

James Stirrat, Grain Merchant

William Logan

Allan Loudon

Daniel Cameron, Lugar

John Paton, Mine Host of the Turf

Duncan McDougall, Clothier

Thomas Craig, Borestone

Robert Roger, Grocer

Mr McKim

New Member

Mr Johnstone, Clerk, Blair Iron Works

22 Members