65th Anniversary


A Blair

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen, The Prince and Princess of Wales and Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

Song. "The Vicar of Bray"

Mr Thomson

II. The Army, Navy and Reserve Forces

Mr D Brown

Reply by Lieutenant R B Gow


Song. "The Sea is England's Glory"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "Rocked in the cradle of the deep"

Mr McGregor

III. The Immortal Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a lad was born in Kyle"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "Mary Morrison"

Mr Thomson

IV. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song. "O' a' the airts"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "My Nannie's Awa'"

Mr Willison

V. Deceased Members

Mr John Howie

Song. "I'm wearing awa', Jean"

Mr Thomson

VI. Dramatic Literature with Shakespeare

Mr R Gow

Recitation. "Address to the Haggis"

Alex Allan

VII. The Memory of Walter Scott

Mr D Johnstone

Song. "Jock o' Hazeldean"

Mr T Bone

Song. "McGregor's Gathering"

Mr Mitchell

VIII. Living Novelists

Mr J H Hamilton

Song. "The Kail Brose o' auld Scotland"

Mr McGregor

IX. Deceased Scottish Poets, with James Hogg

Mr Aitken

Song. "When the Kye come hame"

Mr Willison

Song. "Tell me if you can, Sir"

Mr McGregor

Song. "The Whale"

Mr Kirkhope

Dr Blair sang "Tally-ho the hounds, sir", a song which used regularly to be sung at meetings of the Club by Mr Hugh Morris, the first President. This was followed by a "Mock Speech" by Mr Alex Allan.


X. The Host

Mr Brown


Mr McGregor

Song. "Father O'Flynn"

Mr Thomson

XI. The Haggis-Maker, Mrs Willison

Mr Comrie

Song. "Corn rigs are bonnie"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "Polly Martin"

Mr Kirkhope

XII. Our Visitor, Mr Douglas


Reply by Mr Douglas


The Chairman then sang a most mirth-provoking original song entitled "The sea-voyage of the Saucy Maid"


The usual complimentary toasts of "The Chairman", and "The Croupier" , with the singing of "Auld Lang Syne", brought an extremely pleasant Meeting to a close.

Numerous Greetings were received from Burns Clubs throughout the country - one from Philadelphia, U.S.A.

Members Present

Archibald Blair, Glasgow (Chairman)

William Macartney, Glasgow (Croupier)

David Brown, Printer

Alexander Comrie, Inspector

William Logan, Schoolmaster

Thomas Cochrane, Merchant

John Fulton, Manufacturer

William Thomson, Ironmonger

John Howie, Braehead

William Mitchell

Andrew Aitken, Manufacturer

Alexander Willison, Easterhill

Dugald Paton, Hourat

George Kirkhope, Solicitor

Dr Blair

Thomas Bone, Currier

David Johnston, H M Assistant Inspector of Schools

W D McGregor, Mine Host of the Turf

John Paton

Robert B Gow, Kirkland House

John H Hamilton, Solicitor

Alexander Allan, Munnoch

Roderick Macdonald, Road Surveyor

New Member

James Douglas, from Los Angeles, South California, Grandson of Mr Harvie, formerly Parochial Schoolmaster of this Parish.

24 Members