""Train" Alister Sim"



Gaun tae ma job,
Train's really mobbed.
Seats are all gone,
Just have to staun.
Always the same.
Wish ah was hame,
Warm in ma bed,
Book to be read,
Oot like a light,
That'll be right!
Got tae work,
Cannae shirk,
Hoose tae keep,
That's no cheap,
Mortgage at stake.
Paisley soon,
Hunners queuein',
Rush to embark,
Desperate to park
Bums on a seat,
Get aff the feet,
Same every day,
Seats all away.
Guy wi' B.O.
Stands on ma toe,
Case hits ma shin,
Bothersome din,
I-pod too loud,
Niggles the crowd.
Grating ringtone,
Bird wi' a phone,
Nasal drone,
Cuts to tyhe bone.
Hillington's passed,
Glasgow at last,
Not that far noo,
Stare at ma shoe,
Try to kill time,
Practise a rhyme,
Hornbook and Death,
'Tak care o skaith',
Tannoy butts in,
Now announcin',
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now arriving at Glasgow Central where this train will terminate.

Alister Sim