Jean Montgomerie

Likeness of Jean Niel Montgomerie, Hostess of "Montgomerie's Inn", now deceased, and was interred in Dalry Churchyard, on the 1st. October, MDCCCLXIII.

She was the wife of John Montgomerie.

In a poem by Andrew Aitken, she is called "The Wife o' Dalry":

"Her House is but wee, but it's neat, and weel-plenished,
Wi' a' thing to please baith the mind and the eye;
An' the rich, an' the poor, an' the young, an' the aged,
Are aye kindly used by the wife o' Dalry."

"There are wives that can bear, an' can nurse up braw bairnies,
Bake scones, sew, mak kebbocks, an' spin;
But there's few that can mix up a haggis sae nicely
As the wife o' Mongomerie's Inn."