41st Anniversary


W Sloan

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Chairman gave the following:-

1. The Queen

Song. "Rule Britannia" by Mr Cameron

2. Prince and Princess of Wales, and the Royal Family

Song. "The low backed Car" by Alexr. Hamilton

3. Army, Navy, and Volunteers

Song. "Corn Rigs" by James Longwill

Captain Paton replied

4. Both Houses of Parliament

Song. "Willie brewed a peck o' maut" by Mr Logan, Teacher, Dalry

Song. "The belle o' Dumbarton" by David Longwill

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes" by Mr Cameron

5. The Memory of Burns

Song. "Afton Water" by Mr Cameron

Song. "A Comic Medley" by Alexr. Hamilton

Song. "Green grow the rashes, O" by Mr Loudon

II. The Croupier gave the family of the Poet

Song. "O for the bloom of my own native Heather" by James Longwill

III. Dr Hamilton gave the English Poets, with the health of Mr Tennyson

Song. "Thunder Blunder" by James White

IV. James Stirrat gave the Memory of Deceased Members

Song. "Dermott McTwigg" by Hugh Morris

Song. "Happy we've been a' thegither" by John Young

V. Captain Paton gave the Memory of Deceased Novelists, with Sir Walter Scott

Song. "Paddy's Wedding" by Alexr. Hamilton

VI. William Logan, Teacher, Dalry gave the Historians with Taytler

Song. Ilka blade o' grass" by Mr Logan

VII. Alexander Comrie gave Dramatic Literature with Shakespeare

Recitation from Byron's Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, descriptive of the evening preceding the battle of Quatre Bras, by the Chairman

VIII. The Croupier gave the Biographers of Burns, with the health of Mr Gunnyan

Song. "Gae fetch to me a pint of wine" by William Hamilton

Mr Gunnyan replied

Song. "Tom Bowling" by Mr Cameron

Song. "The way to love like an Irishman" by James Longwill

Song. "A Comic Medley" by Alexr. Hamilton

Song. "Kissed yestreen" by Hugh Morris

IX. James Stirrat gave the Living Novelists with Sir E B Lytton

Song. "I'll tell thee the hour that I lo'e the best" by the Croupier

X. The Chairman gave the Health of the Young Members

Song. "The Lass o' Gowrie" by Allan Loudon

Alexr. Hamilton replied and sang "The Lively Hen"

XI. David Brown gave the Memory of the Scottish Poets, anterior to Burns

Song. "The Hunting morn" by the Croupier

Song. "Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon" by Mr Cameron

XII. John Young gave the health of the Living Song Writers with Ballantyne

Song. "Gipsy Jane", by James Stirrat

Song. "My ain my artless Mary" by Mr Cameron

XIII. Hugh Morris gave the Memory of Tannahill

Song. "When we were at the schule" by John Young

XIV. Mr Comrie proposed the Chairman's health

Song. "Tally ho the hounds" by Hugh Morris

Song. "Jessie the flower o' Dunblane", by Mr Cameron

XV. The Chairman proposed the Croupier's health

Song. "Mollie Bralligan" by Mr Comrie

XVI. The Chairman proposed the Toast of Mine Host

XVII. The Chairman then gave the parting Toast:

Happy to meet, sorry to part, and happy to meet again

after which the Club joined in singing "Auld Lang Syne", and then each took off his several way.



Members Present

Dr William Sloan, Chairman. Born at Prestwick, near Ayr, 12th August, 1836; M.D. Univ. Glasgow: 1860; L.T.P.S.G. 1860; Member of the General Council of the Glasgow University; mem. Med. Chor. Soc. Glasg. 1862; House-Surgeon in the Royal Infirmary of Glasgow 1859-60; for the last 5 years Surgeon for the Eglinton Iron Coy's Works at Dalry.

Dr Blair, Croupier

William Gunnyan. Born 1823, at Laurieston, Balmaghie, Kirkcudbrightshire, but has resided from infancy chiefly in Kilmarnock. Educated at the Universities of Glasgow and St. Andrews; was two years a public teacher in England, and since 1849, a public teacher in Kilmarnock. His pupils have distinguished themselves, especially in Classics, some of them having carried off the highest honours both in Glasgow, and Edinburgh and one is now distinguishing himself at Oxford. Has written biographies of Pope and Burns, for Nimmo's edition of the Poets and prepared Pope's Homer for publication in the same series. He has also been pretty extensively engaged in other literary works, some of which are presently passing through the press.

Hugh Morris, Dalry

William Logan, Teacher, Dalry

James Stirrat, Banker, Dalry

Captain Wm. Paton of Hillend

Dr. Hamilton, Dalry

James White, Kilwinning

David Longwill, Hawhill, Dalry

David Brown, Printer, Dalry

Allan Loudon, Dalry

James Longwill, Grocer, Dalry

Alexander Comrie (Interim Secretary)

John Young, Watchmaker and Jeweller, Dalry & Glasgow

Daniel Campbell, Mine Host

Daniel Cameron, Contractor, Dalry; has delighted the Club from time to time by his singing "beautiful exceedingly" our plaintive Scottish songs, such as "Gloomy winter's noo awa'", "Flow gently, sweet Afton" and "Loudon's bonnie Woods and Braes"

William Hamilton, Contractor, Dalry

William McCowan, Cashier, Blair Iron Works

Alexander Hamilton, Storekeeper to the Glengarnock Iron Co; at Mossend

20 Members