43rd Anniversary


A Comrie

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen

The Chairman

Song. "God save the Queen"

Mr Logan

II. Prince of Wales and Royal Family

The Chairman

III. Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

IV. Army and Navy

The Chairman

Song. "Rule Britannia"

Mr Cameron

V. The Volunteers

Dr Sloan

Song. "The wee wee German Lairdie"

Mr Logan

VI. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "Corn Rigs"

Mr Cameron

VII. The Family of the Poet

The Croupier

VIII. Deceased Members

Capt Paton

Song. "My Wife's a winsome we thing"

Mr Loudon

IX. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Logan

Song. "Hurrah for the Highlands"

Mr Longwill

Recitation. "Lines on the Depopulation of the Highlands"

Mr McDougall

X. The Historians, with Sir A Alison

Mr Stirrat

XI. The English Poets, with Tennyson

Dr Blair

Song. "Sweet vale of Avoca"

Mr Cameron

XII. The Living Novelists, with Bulwer Lytton

Dr Sloan

Song. "Dannybrook Fair"

Mr Morris

Recitation. "George III and the dying Gipsy" or "The Greenwood Shrift"

Dr Blair ( given in inimitable style)

XIII. American Poets, with Edgar Allan Poe

Mr Macphee

Song. "Green Grow the rashes, o"

Mr Loudon

XIV. The Land o' Cakes

Mr Morris

Song. "Loudon's bonnie Woods and Braes"

Mr Cameron

XV. The Old English Poets

Mr Angus

Song. "Dumbarton's Bonny Belle"

Mr Longwill

Song. "Tally Ho the Hounds, Sir"

Mr Morris

Song. "I'll drink nae mair to New-Year's-Day"

Mr Campbell

XVI. The Young Members, with Mr Allan

The Chairman

Song. "My Auld Mither de'ed in the year auchty-nine"

Mr Young

XVII. Living Song-Writers, with Mr Logan, the Compiler of these Records

Mr Hamilton

Song. "Ilka blade o' grass"

Mr Logan

Song. "Were a' Breadalbane's Highlandmen"

Mr Comrie

XVIII. Scottish Poets anterior to Burns

Mr McDougall

Song. "O are ye sleeping, Maggie?"

Mr Cameron

XIX. Memory of Tannahill

Mr McCowan

Song. "Thou Bonnie Wood o' Craigielea"

Mr Hamilton

Song. "Paddy's Wedding"

Dr Sloan

XX. The Chairman's Health

The Croupier

Song. "The Little Poker"

Mr Morris

The Chairman next gave successively The Croupier's Health, Mine Host, and The Parting Toast and after joining, as is wont, in "Auld Lang Syne", the Club separated.



Members Present

Alexander Comrie*, Chairman

William Hamilton, Contractor, Croupier

Dr Blair, Surgeon, Dalry

Dr William Sloan

William Logan, Parochial Schoolmaster

Hugh Morris, Kirk Close, Dalry

Daniel Cameron

James McNair

David Brown, Stationer

Daniel Campbell, Innkeeper

Allan Loudon

David Longwill, Hawhill

John Young, Jeweller

William McCowan, Hurlford, lately Cashier, Blair Iron Works, Dalry

Capt. Paton, Hillend

James Stirrat, Banker

Duncan McDougall, Clothier

New Members

Andrew Allan, Farmer, Munnoch

Alexandcer Macphee, a native of Paisley, at present Teacher of General Assembly's School at Burnside.

John Angus, Manager, Blair Iron Works


*Born at Comrie, Perthshire, on 31st May, 1837 - educated at Comrie Parish School - served an apprenticeship to the legal profession at Crieff, and studied law at Edinburgh and at the University of Glasgow. At present, he is Inspector of Poor and collector of Poor-Rates for the Parish of Dalry, Heritors' Clerk, Collector of Land Cess, Clerk and Treasurer to the Burying Ground Board and Inspector and Clerk to the Local Authority under the Public Health Act.


20 Members