45th Anniversary


J Angus

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen; Prince of Wales & Royal Family; Both Houses of Parliament; Army & Navy ; and Volunteers with Capt. Paton, who replied

The Chairman

Songs. "Britannia ,the pride of the ocean" and "Rule Britannia"

Mr Logan

II. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "Dear Scotland, I lo'e thee"

Mr Hamilton

III. The Family of the Poet

The Croupier

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes"

Mr Cameron

IV. Deceased Novelists, with Scott

Dr Sloan

Song. "The wee wee German Lairdie"

Mr Logan

V. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Dr Blair

Song. "Tom Bowling"

Mr Cameron

VI. The Irish Poets, with Moore

Mr Comrie

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

Mr Cameron

VII. The Scottish Poets anterior to Burns

Mr McKie

Song. "Come o'er the stream, Charlie"

Mr Logan

VIII. Deceased Members

Mr Loudon

Song. "Gloomy winter's noo awa'"

Mr Cameron

IX. Living Novelists, with Dickens

Mr Logan

Song. "Dermot McFigg"

Mr Morris

X. The Historians, with Kinglake

Capt. Paton

Song. "My auld mither died in the year '89"

Mr Young

XI. The American Poets, with Longfellow

Mr Brown

Song. "Gipsy Jane"

Mr Stirrat

XII. The Song-Writers, with James Ballantine

Mr Hamilton

Song. "Willie brewed a peck o' maut"

Mr Logan

XIII. The Press

Mr Craig


Mr Brown

XIV. The Memory of Tannahill

Mr Morris

Song. "O, are you sleeping, Maggie?"

Mr Logan

The Chairman's and the Croupier's health having been proposed and cordially responded to, the meeting broke up in the usual way by singing "Auld Lang Syne".



Members Present

John Angus, Manager, Blair Iron Works, Chairman

Capt Paton of Hillend, Croupier

Alexander Comrie

William Logan

Hugh Morris, First President of Dalry Burns Club.

Daniel Cameron, Contractor, Lugar, formerly of Dalry

James McKie, Publisher, Kilmarnock

David Brown

William Hamilton, Mineral Contractor, Lugar, formerly of Dalry

Allan Loudon

Dr Blair

David Longwill, Hawhill

Dr Sloan

John Young

David Beveridge

James Stirrat, Banker

John Paton

Duncan McDougall

Thomas Craig

New Member

James M McCosh, Writer, Dalry

20 Members