46th Anniversary


Captain Paton

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen; Prince of Wales & Royal Family; Army & Navy ; Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

Songs. "God save the Queen" and "Rule Britannia"

Mr Cameron

II. The Volunteers, responded to by Mr Comrie

Mr McKie

III. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "Corn Rigs"

Mr Cameron

IV. The Family of the Poet

The Croupier

Song. "Green grow the rashes"

Mr Loudon

V. Deceased Members

Mr Brown

VI. Deceased Novelists, with Scott

Mr Stirrat, Grain Merchant

Song. "Bonnie Wood o' Craigielea"

Mr Hamilton

VII. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr McKie

Song. "Janet and me"

Mr Beveridge

VIII. Living Song-Writers

Mr Comrie

Song. "Afton Water"

Mr R Roger Jr.

IX. Old English Poets, with Milton

Dr Blair

Song. "Tom Bowling"

Mr Cameron

X. Living English Poets, with Tennyson

Mr Roger

XI. The Historians

Dr Sloan

Song. "The Coggie"

Mr Morris

XII. Living Novelists, with Disraeli

Mr McCosh

XIII. The Memory of Tannahill

Mr Frew

Song. "Gloomy winter's noo awa'"

Mr Cameron

XIV. The Biographers of Burns

Mr Wm. Patrick

XV. The Irish Poets, with Moore

Mr R. Roger

XVI. The Land o' Cakes

Mr Stirrat

Song. "Kissed yestreen"

Mr Morris

XVII. The Press, with Mr McKie

Mr Young

XVIII. Young Members

The Chairman


Mr Roger

Song. "Robin Adair"

Mr Beveridge

XIX. Scotch Poets anterior to Burns

Mr Hamilton

Song. "O' a' the airts the win' can blaw"

Mr Roger, Snr.

The complimentary toasts then followed: The Compiler of the Records, The Chairman, The Croupier and after the Parting Toast, "Each took off their several way".



Members Present

Capt Paton of Hillend*, Chairman

Alexander Comrie, Croupier, in absence of John Kerr, H M Inspector of Schools, who was unable to be present.

James McCosh, Writer

Hugh Morris, First President of Dalry Burns Club.

Daniel Cameron, Contractor, Lugar

James McKie, Publisher, Kilmarnock

David Brown, Printer

William Hamilton, Mineral Contractor, Lugar

Allan Loudon

Dr Blair

David Longwill, Farmer, Hawhill

Dr Sloan

John Young, Jeweller, Dalry, Cumnock & Glasgow

David Beveridge, Contractor, Dalry

James Stirrat, Writer

John Paton, Mine Host of the Turf

Duncan McDougall, Clothier

Thomas Craig, Grocer, Borestone

New Members

James Stirrat, Grain Merchant

Robert Roger, Writer, Kilmarnock

Robert Roger, Grocer & Auctioneer, Dalry

William Patrick, Writer, Dalry

J S Frew, Cashier, Blair Iron Works

23 Members

* A native of Dalry, and first Captain of the 11th Ayrshire Rifle Volunteers, the local Corps of Dalry. In all public questions, Capt. Paton has long taken an active part; and he has contributed in no small degree to enhance the enjoyment of our anniversary Burns' meetings. His ready smile, his frank manners, and genial kindly heart have justly rendered him a universal favourite.