54th Anniversary


A Willison

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen, The Prince of Wales and Royal Family, The Army, Navy and Volunteers and Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

"God Save the Queen"

Mr Cameron

Song. "Rule Britannia"

Mr Cameron

Song. "John Grumlie"

Mr Bone

II. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a Lad was born in Kyle"

Mr Thomson

III. The Memory of Jean Armour and the Descendants of the Poet

The Croupier

Song. "Of a' the airts the win' can blaw"

Mr Cameron

Song. "Corn rigs are bonnie"

Mr Cameron

IV. Deceased Members

Mr Brown

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes"

Mr Cameron

V. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Comrie

Song. "Gae bring tae me a pint o' wine"

Mr Thomson

VI. The Memory of Thomas Campbell

Mr Frew

Song. "Willie brewed a peck o' maut"

Mr Bone

VII. The Novelists, and Sir Walter Scott

Mr McCosh

Song. "Our Ocean Home"

Mr Frew

VIII. The American Poets

Dr Blair

Song. "The Village Blacksmith"

Mr Thomson

IX. Scientific Discovery

Captain Paton

Song. "A wee drappie o't"

Mr Logan

Song. "The wearing o' the green"

Mr Willison

X. The Land o' Cakes

Mr Stirrat

Song. "This Cronie o' mine

Mr Geo Willison (Mr Willison's Brother, who was present for part of the evening)

XI. The Industrial and Commercial Interests of the Country

Mr Aitken

Song. "Simon the Cellarer"

Mr Thomson

Song. "Curlers' Song"

Dr Blair

(Here some Humorous Remarks made by Mr Carstairs afforded much amusement to the company)

XII. The Biographers of Burns

Mr Fulton

Song. "Gloomy Winter's noo awa'"

Mr Cameron

XIII. The Young Members

Mr Brown


Mr Gray

XV. The Health of Mr McKie

Captain Paton

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

Mr Cameron

The remaining Toasts of The Chairman, The Croupier and Mine Host brought a pleasant meeting to a close




Members Present

Alexander Willison , Chairman - Partner of the Firm of T Biggart and Coy, Bridgend Mills

William Logan, Teacher (Croupier)

Dr Blair

Daniel Cameron, Contractor, Auchinleck

Andrew Aitken, Ryeside Mills

James M McCosh, Solicitor

Mr Carswell

James White, Kilwinning

David Brown, Printer

Alexander Comrie, Inspector

John Bone, Teacher

William Thomson, Ironmonger

Robert Gray, Teacher

John Fulton, Bridgend Mills

Andrew Patrick, Johnstone

John Harvie, Banker, Glasgow

J S Frew, Cashier, Blair Iron Works

Capt Paton of Hillend

John Paton, Turf Inn

James Stirrat, Grain Merchant

20 Members