68th Anniversary


R Gow

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The Queen, The Prince and Princess of Wales and Both Houses of Parliament

The Chairman

Song. "God bless the Prince of Wales"

Mr Thomson

II. The Army, Navy and Reserve Forces

Mr Patrick

Reply by Captain Gow


Song. "Red, white, and blue"

Mr Thomson

Song. "Rule, Britannia"

Mr Cameron

III. The Immortal Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a lad was born in Kyle"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "The Leather Botel"

Mr Kirkhope

IV. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song. "O' a' the airts"

Mr Thomson

Song. "Morag's Fairy Glen"

Mr Gordon

V. Deceased Members

Special reference was made to the death of Mr David Brown, and it was unanimously agreed that a tribute to his memory should be inserted in "The Cairn".

Mr McCosh

Song. "I'm wearing awa', Jean"

Mr Thomson

VI. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Aitken

Song. "Bonnie wood o' Craigielea"

Mr Geo Willison

Song. "Do ye min' o' lang syne?"

Mr Graham

Duet. "All's Well"

Messrs Mitchell & Thomson

VII. The Burns Clubs, all the world over

Mr John Gow

Song. "Gloomy winter's noo awa'"

Mr Cameron

Recitation. "The Haggis"

Mr Allan

Song. "The Saucy Maid"

Mr Blair

Song. "Sweet Afton"

Mr Cameron

VIII. English Poets with Tennyson

Mr Allan

Song. "The Pilgrim Fathers"

Mr Cameron

Recitation. "The Cottar's Saturday Night"

Mr Samuel Taylor

IX. The Song Writers

Mr Hamilton

Song. "Mary Morrison"

Mr Thomson

X. American Poets, with Lowell

Mr Kirkhope

Song. "England, the Home for me"

Mr Mitchell

XI. The Young Members

The Chairman


Mr Graham

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes"

Mr Cameron

XII. The Visitors

Mr Comrie

Reply by Mr Taylor


XIII. The Haggis-Maker, Mrs Willison of Easterhill

The Chairman

XIV. "The Chairman" by the Croupier and "The Croupier" by the Chairman brought a highly interesting Meeting to a close.



Members Present

Robert B Gow, Kirkland House (Chairman)

David Johnston (Croupier)

Daniel Cameron

Alexander Comrie

Archibald Blair

Andrew C Patrick

William Logan

John Fulton

John Gordon

William Thomson

John Howie

William Mitchell

Andrew Aitken

George Willison

George Kirkhope

Dr Blair

Roderick McDonald

John Paton

Dugald Paton

John H Hamilton

Archibald Gray

Alex Y Allan

James M McCosh

Robert Fulton

John Gow

New Member

James Graham


Samuel Taylor & John Wilson, friends of Mr Geo. Willison

26 Members