73rd Anniversary


G Kirkhope

Toast List

The Queen


Song. "God save the Queen"


Prince & Princess of Wales


Song. "God Bless the Prince of Wales"


Both Houses of Parliament

Mr Brown

Song. "The Vicar of Bray"

Mr Thomson

Army, Navy and Reserve Forces

Alex Willison

Song. "Rule Britannia"


Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a lad was born in Kyle"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "Corn Rigs"

Mr Cameron

The Memory of Jean Armour


Song. "O' a' the airts"

Mr Mitchell

Song. "My Nannie's Awa'"

Mr Willison

Deceased Members

Dr Blair

Song. "Wearing awa', Jean"

Mr Thomson

Dramatic Literature with Shakespeare

Mr Gordon

Song. "O wert thou in the cauld blast"

Dr Hamilton

Memory of Sir Walter Scott

Mr Riddet

Song. "Loudon's bonny woods and braes"

D Cameron

Song. "The Lass of Ballochmyle"

John Gordon

Land o' Cakes

Mr Patrick

Song. "The boat song"

D Howie

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

D Cameron

Song. "Do you mind Lang Syne"

J Graham

Members from a distance. Reply

Mr Russell (Paisley)

Song. "Cronie o' mine"

George Willison

Burns Clubs All the World Over



Mr Grant (Beith)

British Novelists


Song. "Morag's Fairy Glen"

Mr J Gordon

Irish Poets

Mr Aitken

Song. "A wee drappie o't"

Mr A Willison

XII. The American Poets

Mr Allan

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

Mr Cameron

Song. "A wee drappie o't"

Mr Logan


Mr Grant





Song. "The Whale"

G Kirkhope

Song. "Let me like a soldier fall"

Mr Grant





Song. "Gloomy Winter"

D Cameron


Members Present

George Kirkhope, Solicitor, Dalry (Chairman) Mr Kirkhope is a native of Glasgow but was brought up and educated in Ayrshire. He has been an efficient Member of the Club since 1883, is a good Song Writer, and sings well.

John Gow (Croupier) A partner in the firm of Thomas Biggart & Coy.

John Gordon, Cashier, Blair Iron Works. Mr Gordon was past Chairman and is at present Cashier and Representative of Messrs. William Baird & Coy. Limited , at Blair Iron Works, Dalry. He has been an honoured and useful Member of the Club since 1886 and is a Member of the Town District of the Dalry Parish Council since its foundation.

Dr Blair, Dalry. Senior Member of the Club.

Daniel Cameron, Mining Contractor. Second Senior Member of the Club and one of the best singers.

Alexander Comrie, Factor, Blair, Dalry.

George Willison, Braeside, Dalry

George Dunlop, Solicitor, Dalry - new member

David Howie, Merchant, Glasgow - new member

Robert Howie, Merchant, Glasgow - new member

William Thomson, Ironmonger, Dalry

John Brown, Stationer, Dalry

James Graham, Cabinetmaker, Dalry

Mr Grant, Beith, guest of Mr Graham

Thomas Bone, Currier, Dalry

Robert Fulton of Coalheughglen, Solicitor, Dalry

George Houston, Artist, Dalry - new member

George Seaman, Gamekeeper, Blair, Dalry - guest

George Murdoch, Merchant, Glasgow - new member

Robert Russell, Writer and Banker, Paisley

Andrew Aitken, Manufacturer, Dalry

Dugald Paton, Farmer, Hourat, Dalry

John H Hamilton, Solicitor, Glasgow

John Riddet, Banker, Glasgow

Dr Hamilton, Dalry

Roderick McDonald, Road Surveyor, Dalry

Hugh Higgins, Grocer, Dalry - new member

Andrew C Patrick, Greenbank, Dalry

Alexander Willison of Easterhill, Dalry

28 Members 1 Guest