74th Anniversary


J Gow

List of Toasts Proposed

 I. The Queen, The Prince and Princess of Wales and Royal Family

The Chairman

Song. "God save the Queen"

Mr Cameron

Song. "Gae bring to me a pint o' wine"

Mr Grant

 II. Both Houses of Parliament

Mr D Howie

Song. "Scots wha hae"

Mr T Gray

 III. The Army, Navy and Reserve Forces

Mr Comrie

 Reply by Captain Brown


 IV. The Immortal Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "Flow gently Sweet Afton"

Mr Cameron

V. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song. "O' a' the airts"

Mr Logan

Song. "The Lass of Ballochmyle"

Mr Gordon

VI. Deceased Members

Mr A Comrie

Song. "The Land o' the Leal"

Mr Logan

VII. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Graham

Song. "Kind is my Mary"

Mr Grant

Song. "Corn Rigs"

Mr Cameron

VIII. Memory of Sir Walter Scott

Mr J Hamilton

Song. "Farewell, sweet Ballochmyle"

Mr Bone

IX. The Land o' Cakes

Mr John Riddet

Song. "D'ye min' o' Langsyne"

Mr Graham

Song. "This is no my ain lassie"

Dr Hamilton

X. Burns Clubs all the world over

Mr Kirkhope

Song. "Ye Banks and Braes"

Mr Thos Gray

XI. British Novelists

Mr Aitken

Song. "The Meeting of the Waters"

Mr Cameron

Song "Willie brewed a peck o' maut"

Mr Logan

XII. New Members

The Chairman


Dr Brown

Song. "John Anderson, My Jo"

Mr Thos Gray

XIII. The Song-Writers

Mr H Higgins

Song. "Loudon's bonnie woods and braes"

Mr Cameron

Song. "A wee drappie o't"

Mr George Willison

XIV. The Chairman and Croupier, with the singing of "Morag's Fairy Glen" by Mr John Gordon brought a very successful meeting to a close.



Members Present

John Gow (Chairman) Mr Gow is a native of Dalry, son of John Gow of Highgate, a member in the firm of Thos. Biggart & Coy., Woollen Spinners, Dalry. Mr Gow is now one of the managing partners of the firm of Thos. Biggart and Co. (Ltd) and has long been a member of the Burns Club. He is Major of the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Royal Scots Fusiliers, in which he is considered one of the most efficient officers.

John Brown (Croupier) in the unavoidable absence of John Blair, W. S., Edinburgh

Daniel Cameron, oldest member present

Alexander Comrie, Factor, Blair

William Logan, Teacher

John H Hamilton, Solicitor

Thomas Bone, Currier

Patrick Comrie, Waterside

Dugald Paton, Hourat

John Gordon, Blair Works

George Dunlop, Solicitor

Andrew Aitken, Manufacturer, One Ash

Robert Fulton, Writer, Pitcon

Roderick McDonald, Road Surveyor, Braemoray

Dr Hamilton

James Graham, Cabinet-maker

Andrew C Patrick, Greenbank

John Comrie, Edinburgh

George Houston, Artist

David Howie, Burnhouse

Robert Howie, North Kirkland

Hugh Higgins, Grocer

John Riddet, Banker

George Kirkhope, Solicitor

George Willison

New Members

Dr Brown, son of the late Dr Brown of Saltcoats

William Carrick, Inpector of Poor, Dalry

Thomas Gray, son of the late And. Gray, Mining Contractor, Dalry


Thomas M Grant, Glasgow

28 Members 1 Visitor