112th Anniversary


22nd January, 1937

J Henderson

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The King (George VI)

Mr John Henderson, Chairman

"God save the King"


II. The Queen, Queen Mother and other Members of the Royal Family

The Chairman

Song "Flow Gently, Sweet Afton"

Mr William Wilson KA

III. The Imperial Forces

General Craufurd

Song "Rule Britannia"



Lt Wm N Pratt

Song "Ye Banks and Braes"

Mr A Wilson Boyle

IV. Town and Trade of Dalry

Mr John S Howie

Recitation "Holy Willie's Prayer"

Mr James Barclay

V. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song "There Was a Lad"


Song "Gin I Were a Baron's Heir"

Mr J S Howie

VI. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song "O' a' the Airts"


VII. Burns Clubs

Mr James Barclay

Song "Green Grow the Rashes"

Mr W W Boyd

VIII. Song Writers

Mr A R Chisholm

Song "Jock o' Hazeldean"

Mr John Henderson

IX. Our Guests

Mr W N Pratt

Song "The Lea Rig"

Mr D Tait


Brig Gen Craufurd, Mr J B Strachan & Mr Thos Loudon

X. Young Members

Mr Wm Wilson


Mr D L P Forsyth, Mr Arch. G Comrie & Mr W Gordon Pratt

XI. Deceased Members

Mr John Macnicol

Song "I'm wearin' awa', Jean"


Song "Duncan Gray"

Mr A Wilson Boyle

XII. The Chairman

The Croupier

XIII. The Croupier

The Chairman

"Auld Lang Syne"

The Company

King's Arms Hotel, Dalry

Members Present

John Henderson, Chairman (1930)

A Wilson Boyle, Croupier (1932)

Dr W Mackenzie Brown (1899)

John Macnicol (1903)

W Wylie Boyd (1911)

Andrew Henderson (1915)

William Wilson (1916)

William N Pratt (1919)

John McDonald (1920)

Daniel Tait (1924)

William Dick (1928)

William Wilson KA (1931)

William Donald (1932)

James Barclay (1934)

David R Brown (1935)

Alex R Chisholm (1935)

John S Howie (1935)

Norman S Howie (1935)

Arcd. G Comrie (1936)

D L P Forsyth (1936)

W Gordon Pratt (1936)


J B Strachan

Brig Gen Craufurd

Thomas Loudon

20 Members 3 Guests

Prior to the supper of 1937, the then proprietor of the Turf Inn intimated to the committee that the Burns Supper would not be held in the Turf that year. This caused some consternation as this was the first time that a venue other than the Turf had to be sought.

Conceited gowk, puffed up wi' wind and pride,
This mony a year I've stood the wind and tide,
And tho' wi' crazy eild I'm sair forfairn,
I'll be a brig when ye'er a shapeless cairn!

The club was accommodated in the dining room of the King's Arms and since this room was much larger than that in the Turf Inn, it meant that new members could be admitted. It was foreseen that, with the unwritten law that a guest could be elevated to membership the following year, some restriction on numbers would be required. It was therefore decided to limit membership to 70 (later increased to 90).