113th Anniversary


28th January, 1938

A W Boyle

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The King

Mr A Wilson Boyle, Chairman

"God save the King"


II. The Queen, Queen Mother and other Members of the Royal Family

The Chairman

Apologies, Greetings & Appeals

Mr W Wilson

III. The Imperial Forces

Dr W Mackenzie Brown

Song "Green grow the rashes"

Mr W W Boyd


Mr W Wilson

Recitation "Tam O'Shanter"

Mr J S Howie

IV. Town and Trade of Dalry

Mr W Barclay Brown

Recitation "When lyat leaves bestrew", "The Yaird", "I am a son of Mars"

Mr W Conn

V. The Memory of Burns


Recitation "Holy Willie"

Mr J Barclay

VI. The Memory of Jean Armour


Song "O' a' the Airts"

Mr J S Howie

VII. Burns Clubs

Mr A R Chisholm

Song "Ye banks and braes"

Mr D Tait

VIII. Song Writers

Mr J S Howie

Song "Mary Morrison"

Mr A R Cunningham

IX. Our Guests

Mr Wm Ramsay

Song "Duncan Gray"

Mr A W Boyle


Rev A Minto & D McGinnes

Songs "Flow Gently", "Corn Rigs" & "Scots wha hae"

Mr J Harkins

X. Young Members

Mr Chas Pickles


Mr W Barclay Brown

Recitation "Hamilton Militia"

Mr John Macnicol

XI. Deceased Members

Mr John Macnicol

? Recitation

Mr James Jackson

Song "Duncan Gray"

Mr A Wilson Boyle

XII. The Chairman

The Croupier

XIII. The Croupier

The Chairman

"Auld Lang Syne"

The Company

King's Arms Hotel, Dalry


Members Present

A Wilson Boyle, Chairman (1932)

William Donald, Croupier (1932)

Dr W Mackenzie Brown (1899)

John Macnicol (1903)

Alexander R Cunningham (1906)

Wm W Boyd (1911)

Wm Conn (1912)

James Jackson (1913)

Andrew Henderson (1915)

Charles Pickles (1915)

William Wilson (1916)

George N Forsyth (1923)

Daniel Tait (1924)

William Dick (1928)

John Henderson (1930)

William Ramsay (1932)

James Barclay (1934)

John MacDonald (1934)

W Barclay Brown (1935)

D Ritchie Brown (1935)

Alex R Chisholm (1935)

John S Howie (1935)

Norman S Howie (1935)

D L P Forsyth (1936)

W Gordon Pratt (1936)

J B Strachan (1937)

Thomas Loudon (1937)


Rev A H Minto

Dr Alex Watt

Dr John S Jackson

A Allan Howie

James Cleghorn

William Crawford

Douglas McLelland

John Lamont

George Gorman

William Orr

Thomas Steel

James Harkins

David McGinnes

27 Members 13 Guests