119th Anniversary


26th January, 1944

A R Chisholm

List of Toasts Proposed

The haggis was piped in by Dr Duncan R Martin with an original tune composed by himself and dedicated to Dalry Burns Club.

Address to the Haggis

W Barclay Brown

I. The King

Mr Roderick Chisholm, Chairman

"God save the King"


II. The Queen, Queen Mother and other Members of the Royal Family


Letter read from Bdr. Tom C Wilson from British North Africa


III. Imperial Forces

Mr David Houston*

"Rule Britannia"



Brig-Gen Sir S G G Craufurd CB CMG CIE DSO

IV. Deceased Members

Dr W Mackenzie Brown

"Land o' the Leal"


Songs "Afton Water" (original tune) & "O lat thy loof in mine, lassie"

Sgt David Malcolm

V. The Memory of Burns


Song "Bonnie wee thing"

Mr Jas Rennie


Mr Tom C Tait

VI. Memory of Jean Armour


"O' a' the airts"


Song "My love is like a red red rose"

Mr Jas Rennie

VII. Burns Clubs

Dr Alex Watt

VIII. Song Writers

Mr Archd. G Comrie

Mr John S Howie and Mr William Donald were toasted. Mr Howie for rewriting the original minute book, a voluminous task; Mr Donald for the trouble and expense he incurred in having this book so handsomely bound. He generously made this expense a gift to the Club. An illuminated address to be sent to Messrs. McCorquodale tyhe binders in appreciation of the painstaking work carried out by their employees.


IX. Guests and Young Members

Mr Alex R Cunningham


Rev Archd. H Minto


Sgt David Malcolm


Mr W Barclay Brown

Recitation "Holy Willie's Prayer"

Mr James Barclay

Poem (his own composition)

Mr John Greenlees

X. The Chairman

The Croupier


Mr James Hair

Song "Ye banks and braes"

Mr Cameron Fullerton

Community Singing, led by

Mr James Harkins

Song "O wert thou in the cauld blast"

Sgt David Malcolm

XI. The Croupier

The Chairman

Mine Host


"Auld Lang Syne"


* Unable to be present; his toast read by Mr Thomas Loudon

Royal Hotel, Dalry


Members Present

A Roderick Chisholm, Chairman (1935)

Douglass G Gordon, Croupier (1935)

Dr W Mackenzie Brown (1899)

Alex R Cunningham (1906)

Andrew Henderson (1915)

William Wilson (1916)

John McDonald (1920)

Thomas C Tait (1927)

John Henderson (1930)

William Donald (1932)

William Ramsay (1932)

Oliver B Aitken (1933)

James Barclay (1934)

John S Howie (1935)

W Barclay Brown (1935)

A G Comrie (1936)

Brig-Gen Sir S G G Craufurd Bart. (1937)

Thomas Loudon (1937)

Dr Alexander Watt (1938)

James Y Cleghorn (1938)

David McGinnes (1938)

James Harkins (1938)

William Orr (1938)

Thomas Steel (1938)

James Wilson (1939)

Rev Archd. H Minto (1939)

Alex Shewan (1939)

James Hair (1940)

W H G Wishart (1940)

Thomas Campbell (1940)

Jack Fletcher (1941)

John Greenlees (1941)

John Thomson (1941)

Cameron Fullarton (1941)

L Stewart Cowan (1942)

Hugh Milloy (1943)

N Strachan McDonald (1943)

John Wallace (1943)


Hugh Hart

William Davis

Dr Duncan R Martin

James Rennie

Sgt David Malcolm

David McCall

Archd K Fraser

38 Members 7 Guests