120th Anniversary


26th January, 1945

D Gordon

List of Toasts Proposed

Address to the Haggis

Mr W Barclay Brown

I. The King, The Queen and the Princesses

Mr Douglass G Gordon, Chairman

"God save the King"


II. The Queen Mother and other Members of the Royal Family


Presentation books from Mr W Brown, West Kilbride


Presentation of Burns Seal by Dr W Mackenzie Brown


III. Imperial Forces

Mr Archd. G Comrie

"Scots wha hae"


Song "My Nannie's awa'"

Mr James Rennie


Capt Burgess

IV. Deceased Members

Dr W Mackenzie Brown

"Land o' the Leal"


Recitation "A Confession" - Own Composition

Mr John H Greenlees

V. Memory of Burns


"There was a lad"


Song "The bonnie lass o' Ballochmyle"

Mr Norman G Clark

VI. Memory of Jean Armour


"O' a' the airts"


VII. Burns Clubs

Brig-Gen Sir S G G Craufurd Bart. CB CMG CIE DSO


Mr Tom C Tait

VIII. Song Writers

Mr Norman S Howie*


Mr A Wilson Boyle

IX. Guests and Young Members

Mr Alex R Cunningham

Vote of Thanks

Mr William H C Wishart

"Tam O'Shanter"

Mr John Wallace


Dr William Cunningham

X. The Chairman

The Croupier

XI. The Croupier

The Chairman

Mine Host


"Auld Lang Syne"


* Unable to be present; his toast was proposed by Mr W Barclay Brown

Royal Hotel, Dalry


Members Present

Douglass G Gordon, Chairman (1935)

John S Howie, Croupier (1935)

Dr W Mackenzie Brown (1899)

Alex R Cunningham (1906)

William W Boyd (1911)

Andrew Henderson (1915)

William Wilson (1916)

Daniel Tait (1924)

Thomas C Tait (1927)

William Dick (1928)

A Wilson Boyle (1932)

William Ramsay (1932)

Oliver B Aitken (1933)

James Barclay (1934)

W Barclay Brown (1935)

A Roderick Chisholm (1935)

David Houston (1935)

A G Comrie (1936)

David L P Forsyth (1936)

Brig-Gen Sir S G G Craufurd Bart. (1937)

Thomas Loudon (1937)

Dr Alexander Watt (1938)

William Crawford (1938)

James Y Cleghorn (1938)

Robert Dunlop (1938)

Alexander S Bell (1938)

David McGinnes (1938)

James Harkins (1938)

Thomas Steel (1938)

James Wilson (1939)

Rev Archd. H Minto (1939)

James Hair (1940)

Thomas Campbell (1940)

W H G Wishart (1940)

John Greenlees (1941)

John Thomson (1941)

Cameron Fullarton (1941)

John Wallace (1943)

Hugh Malloy (1943)

John Wallace (1944)

James Rennie (1944)

Hugh Hart (1944)

David McColl (1944)

Archd. K Fraser (1944)

William Davis (1944)


James L Scott

Dr William Cunningham

Norman G Clark

T Nairn

Dr Burgess

Wallace Jones

George Houston Jnr

Patrick Comrie

J Crawford

Samuel Johnston

William Davidson

38 Members 7 Guests