121st Anniversary


25th January, 1946

J S Howie

List of Toasts Proposed

1. Welcome to Members

The Chairman

2. Welcome to Guests and Guests of Honour

The Chairman

Piping in of the Haggis


3. Address to the Haggis

The Chairman



4. The King, The Queen and other Members of the Royal Family

Mr John S Howie, Chairman

"God save the King"


5. Vote of thanks to the caterers

Mr William H G Wishart

6. Presentation of very old copy of Burns poems

Sir Standish GG Craufurd Bart.

7. Imperial Forces

Mr Thomas Loudon

"Scots wha hae"


Recitation "Tam O'Shanter"

Mr Cameron Fullarton


Mr Douglas McLelland

Song "Mary Morrison"

Mr Norman G Clark


Mr Tom C Tait

8. Deceased Members

Mr Alex R Cunningham

"Land o' the Leal"


"Holy Willie's Prayer"

Mr James Barclay

9. Memory of Burns

The Chairman

"There was a lad"



Mr J Stewart Adams

10. Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

"O' a' the airts"



Rev Archd. H Minto

11. Burns Clubs

Mr Archd. G Comrie


Mr John Greenlees


Mr W Barclay Brown

12. Song Writers

Dr Alex Watt


Mr Welsh

13. Guests and Young Members

Mr Andrew Henderson

Reply - Guests

Mr Eric de Banzie

Reply - Young Members

Dr William Cunningham

14. The Chairman

The Croupier

15. The Croupier

The Chairman

Mine Host

Mr Oliver B Aitken

"Auld Lang Syne"



Royal Hotel, Dalry


Members Present

John S Howie, Chairman (1935)

David Houston, Croupier (1935)

Alex R Cunningham (1906)

Neil H Cosh (1910)

Andrew Henderson (1915)

William Wilson (1916)

Dan Tait (1924)

Tom C Tait (1927)

William Dick (1928)

William Ramsay (1932)

Oliver B Aitken (1933)

James Barclay (1934)

W Barclay Brown (1935)

A Roderick Chisholm (1935)

Douglass G Gordon (1935)

Norman S Howie (1935)

A G Comrie (1936)

R Gray Kirkhope (1936)

Brig-Gen Sir S G G Craufurd Bart. (1937)

Thomas Loudon (1937)

Dr Alexander Watt (1938)

James Y Cleghorn (1938)

Douglas McLelland (1938)

Robert Dunlop (1938)

Alexander S Barr (1938)

David McGinnes (1938)

James Harkins (1938)

Thomas Steel (1938)

James Wilson (1938)

Thomas Campbell (1940)

W H G Wishart (1940)

Jack Fletcher (1941)

John Greenlees (1941)

John Thomson (1941)

Cameron Fullarton (1941)

Thomas G Wilson (1941)

Rev Archd. H Minto (1941)

John C W Wallace (1943)

Hugh Malloy (1943)

John H Wallace (1944)

James Rennie (1944)

Hugh Hart (1944)

David McColl (1944)

Archd. K Fraser (1944)

William Davis (1944)

James L Scott (1945)

Dr William Cunningham (1945)

J Crawford (1945)

T Nairn (1945)

Norman G Clark (1945)

William Davidson (1945)

Samuel Johnston (1945)

Guests: J Stewart Adams, Robert McFarlane, Robert D Campbell, Captain Tanner, Eric de Banzie, Thomas Dillon, Russell McCreadie, Joh Dickie, James Jackson, Arthur de Banzie, Robert Logan, A Yuille, J Allan, James Wilson, Mr welsh, Dr Aitken, Dr Nicolson.


52 Members 17 Guests

A formal Constitution was laid down in 1946 under the chairmanship of John S. Howie. Previously, there were only a few unwritten rules and these were interpreted in the broadest sense.