87th Anniversary


D Campbell

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The King

The Chairman

Song. "God save the King"

The Company

II. The Queen, and other Members of the Royal Family

The Chairman

III. Both Houses of Parliament

Mr Kirkhope

IV. The Imperial Forces

Mr Baird

Song. "Rule Britannia"

Mr Cunningham


Col Gow

V. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a lad"

The Company

VI. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song. "O' a' the airts"

Mr Conn

VII. Deceased Members

Mr Aitken

Song. "The Land o' the Leal"

Mr Cunningham

A Reverie by Jas Graham, a Member now in Ionia, Michigan, USA

Mr Macnicol

VIII. Sir Walter Scott

Mr Cosh

Song. "Gae bring tae me"

Mr J W Walker

IX. Dramatic Literature with Shakespeare

Dr Brown

Story of Dr Gibson of Dalry

Dr Walker

Song. "Mary Morrison"

Mr Cunningham

X. Burns Clubs

Mr Higgins

Recitation about Burns

Mr Conn

Song. "The Whale"

Mr Kirkhope

XI. The Land o' Cakes

Mr Jno Brown

Song. "Scots wha hae"

The Company

Song. "There's a braw Hielan' regiment"

Mr Willison

Recitation. "The Haggis"

Mr Macnicol

XII. New Members

Mr Comrie

Parody on Haggis and Story

Mr Houston

Song. "Powder Monkey"

Mr J Brown


Mr Hastings


Mr D J Aitken


Mr Riddet

Song "Annie Laurie"

The Chairman

Recitation & Song from "The Jolly Beggars"

Mr Conn

XIII. The Croupier

The Chairman

XIV. The Chairman

The Croupier

"Auld Lang Syne"

The Company


Members Present

Donald Campbell, Schoolmaster, Dalry (Chairman) (1900)

William Hastings, Writer (Croupier) (1902)

Andrew Aitken (1874)

Andrew C Patrick (1877)

George Kirkhope (1883)

David Johnston (1886)

John Gow (1887)

John Brown (1891)

Patrick Comrie (1891)

Hugh Higgins (1898)

George Houston (1898)

Dr W M Brown (1899)

John MacNicol (1903)

Hugh Shedden (1903)

James D Gordon (1904)

Alex Cunningham (1906)

Dr W D Walker (1907)

Jas O Baird (1908)

Jno W G Willison (1909)

Jas W Walker (1909)

Jas Harvie (1909)

Alex Aitken (1910)

Neil Cosh (1910)

New Member

David Jeffrey Aitken, Writer, Son of Mr Aitken, Slater


Robert Lang Riddet, Guest of Mr Comrie

Wm Conn, Guest of Mr Macnicol

Robert Fulton, Jnr, Guest of Mr Willison

24 Members 3 Guests