82nd Anniversary


G Houston

List of Toasts Proposed

I. The King

The Chairman

Song. "God save the King"

The Company

II. The Queen, Prince & Princess of Wales, and other Members of the Royal Family

The Chairman

III. Both Houses of Parliament

Mr Couper

Song. "Maxwellton Braes"

Mr T Gray

IV. The Imperial Forces

Mr Hamilton

Song. "Rule Britannia"

Mr Neil


Capt Brown

V. The Memory of Burns

The Chairman

Song. "There was a lad"

Mr Spence

VI. The Memory of Jean Armour

The Croupier

Song. "O' a' the airts"

[Accompaniment: Mr Carrick - violin, and Mr Cunningham - piano]

Mr Spence

VII. The Town and Trade o' Dalry

Mr Wylie

Song. "D'ye min' the lang, lang syne"

Mr Graham

Song. "Mary Morrison"

Mr Cunningham


Mr Graham

Song. "Clementine"

Mr R Gray

VIII. Deceased Members

[Notice was taken of the Death a week ago of Mr R B Gow, a past President - vide 1893]

Mr Patrick

Song. "The land o' the leal"

Mr Cunningham

IX. Dramatic Literature, with Shakespeare

Mr Fulton

Song. "Star of my soul"

Mr T Gray

Song. "A pale young Curate"

Mr R Aitken

X. The Land o' Cakes

Mr A Aitken

Recitation. "The Haggis"

Mr Macnicol

XI. American and Irish Poets

Mr Riddet

A Dissertation

Mr Hastings

Song. "The Irish Emigrant's Farewell"

Mr Hastings

XII. Song Writers

Mr Kirkhope

"My Nannie's awa'" - Violin

Mr Carrick

XIII. Burns Clubs

Mr Higgins

XIV. British Novelists

Mr Hastings

XV. New Members

Mr Johnston


Dr Walker

XVI. Our Guests

Mr R Gray


Mr Keppie

XIII. The Chairman

The Croupier

XIV. The Croupier

The Chairman

"Auld Langsyne"

The Company


Members Present

George Houston, Artist; (Chairman) (1898)

David Howie, Dyer and Yarn Merchant (Croupier) (1898)

Andrew Aitken (1874)

Andrew Patrick (1877)

Robert Fulton (1883)

George Kirkhope (1883)

David Johnston (1886)

John H Hamilton (1887)

John Brown (1891)

James Graham (1893)

John Riddet (1896)

Hugh Higgins (1898)

Robert Howie (1898)

William Carrick (1899)

Thomas Gray (1899)

Robert Gray (1902)

William Hastings (1902)

James Spence (1902)

David Couper (1903)

John MacNicol (1903)

Joseph A Wylie (1903)

John Campbell (1905)

Robert Aitken (1906)

Alex Cunningham (1906)

New Member

Dr Wm D Walker, native of Barrhead


John Keppie, Guest of Chairman

Robert Neil, Guest of Mr Higgins

W H Tickle, Guest of Mr R Gray

25 Members 3 Guests